With the help or the crews from The Great British Beer Company and Dust Demons Ltd and a few other fabulous volunteers with transformed the old pub and the bright colours left after it was a restaurants to a more calm plain colour
We use the back entrance 126 Northwalls ST16 3AD for access as the front will remain closed

The Lord Nelson – Eastgate Street

In 1687 John Payton inn keeper at The Cock (Market Place) obtained a 21 year lease on a plot of land and appears to have built a dwelling, malt house and barn on it sometime within the term of the lease. He probably extended the lease in 1709 when he left The Star (On Mill Street on the site of Blacks Menswear) and moved by 1784 it had become two dwellings.

Richard Hodgson had purchased the west one in 1784 and the east one in 1798 sometime between, he converted the west one to the Queen’s Head

In January 1806 the Great Bell of Stafford tolled once every minute as a mark of respect during the funeral position and internment of Admiral Lord Nelson, the inn was then probably was renamed to the Lord Nelson as a lasting tribute to England’s hero.

The Inn has been empty for the last fours years and was a restaurant ‘Nelsons’ before closing . It is currently going back on the market


The sign of the Lord Nelson refers to Viscount Horatio Nelson. At the Battle of Trafalgar on the 21st of October 1805 with 27 ships .A crushing defeat on the numerically superior French Spanish fleet of 33, with only 17 escaping. He died 3 hours after being wounded by a musket ball on HMS Victory.


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